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In February 2017 I aligned to a primal lifestyle with a strong belief that the benefits of a healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise are exactly what is needed within our aging population. Especially those who can look back and say I used to be in good shape, why is it so hard now?
I have learned that the path back to healthy weight management, fitness, longevity and happiness is not as hard as one might think. Once you realize how conventional wisdom has steered the ship in the wrong direction for a very long time, you can learn how easy it is to right the course.

Anti-aging, Athletic performance, Corporate, Endurance performance, Fat loss, Fatigue, Gut health, Health mindset, Intermittent fasting, Ketosis, Life coaching, MMA, Seniors, Stress management, Weight reduction
Primal Health Coach, COMMAND MMA Referee/Judge, American Kenpo Black Belt
Primal Health Coach Certified
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Certified Primal Health Coach